Dice is a platform that delivers the opportunities, insights and connections to technology professionals and employers.



Job boards are losing their position as the go to place for connecting talent and employers. Dice’s main product offering needs to expand to stay relevant in the ever evolving talent acquisition industry. On the tech pro side, the core product should be enhanced by insights and tools to help users build resumes and expand their knowledge base. Employers are looking for the most effective ways to find qualified candidates faster.

Expand the design around a successful product to keep it a top aid for technology professionals and employers.



Dice wanted to break away from internal constraints and create a new experience for their customers. However early ideas to completely redesign the web application were met with numerous business and technical challenges. Instead change on the web would have to be an evolution, rolled out over time. When the technical teams started rewriting their APIs, they turned to product, design and data science for guidance on what they should build. This request coincided with a mobile app redesign. Mobile is where the redesign would start for Dice.



Mobile first design would lead the way for the next generation of applications at Dice. Ideas would be seeded in a small screen and grow into features that stretch across multiple platforms. We build, test and iterate on mobile. Dismissing or verifying features and design patterns before bringing them to the web. However the early experimentation did lead to design consistency issues. To solve this, individual UI elements from each platform were combined into a universal UI kit. As the process continues to evolve, designs for each platform are now created in unison.

Evolving a job board into the next generation career platform is a long journey, complete with pitfalls and rewards; dead ends and new beginnings.